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Statement on yet another illegal activity of the RF law enforcement officers on the RA territory

April 9, 2024

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HCA Vanadzor has received yet another report that the RF military police officers  abducted the RF citizen Anatoliy Nikolaevich Shchetinin in Gyumri and illegally hold him deprived of liberty in the Russian 102nd military base. An. Shchetinin is wanted and has found refuge in the Republic of Armenia on grounds of rejecting military service.


Currently, according to our credible information, the RF military base representatives are planning to transfer Shchetinin to the Russian Federation by plane.


The RF law enforcement officers, once again violating the RA legislation, carry out illegal activities by abducting a person on the RA territory, unlawfully holding him deprived of his liberty and attempting to transfer him to the RF.


We hereby demand 

  • from the RA Prosecutor General’s Office and the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs to take urgent measures and release unlawfully detained An. Shchetinin, carry out criminal prosecution of abductors;
  • from the National Security Service to take measures to prevent forced transfer of Anatoliy Nikolaevich Shchetinin outside the RA borders.
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