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’Do as I say, I am the investigator, I know’. A resident of Stepanavan alarms on the illegitimacy of the investigator

November 7, 2018

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Yesterday, on November 6, 2018, Susanna Baroyan – a resident of Stepanavan- applied to HCA Vanadzor and told that investigator Eduard Poghosyan, who arrested her on September 3, 2018, keeps persecuting her after she returned from Abovyan penitentiary institution, calls her, demands her passport reasoning that it should be left there. As Susanna Baroyan told, the investigator also threatens that he will arrest and send her to a psychiatric hospital in case she does not do as he says.  

She stated in her application that such precedents have been occurring since 2010.

According to Susanna Baroyan’s application, yesterday morning the investigator again called her and said, ‘Today is the last day of your joy and freedom’, after which a large number of policemen came to her house and started knocking at her door. Afraid of being apprehended, Susanna escaped from the house.

Susanna Baroyan said that her family is persecuted, the apartment is under illegal detention and when she raises that question, she is threatened to be arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital.

The citizen had given a similar alarm the day before.  She said that the same investigator met her on the street and told her that the case was not closed and they had to go to Vanadzor together for that question. When Susanna Baroyan demanded that she be properly notified about it, the investigator threatened that he would beat her and said, ‘Do as I say, I am the investigator, I know’.

Susanna Baroyan also alarmed the Police hotline on this question.

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