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Dilijan was the next to host HCA Vanadzor awareness trainings on the rights of conscripts and servicemen

October 15, 2018

Activities | Capacity Building | Human rights training for conscripts | News

On October 12, 2018, HCA Vanadzor awareness trainings on the rights of conscripts and servicemen continued in Dilijan.

HCA Vanadzor peace-building projects coordinator Armine Sadikyan and the Organization’s lawyer Syuzanna Soghomonyan presented information on the military registration procedures of pre-conscription age persons, rights of conscripts during the conscription, as well as rights and obligations of servicemen during the military service and the latest legislative amendments. They also answered the training participants’ questions and discussed certain separate cases.

Besides the above-mentioned information, the trainers also presented a booklet on the rights and obligations of persons subjected to military registration, conscripts and servicemen in the RA, which is accessible on the Organization website.

 It should be noted that the training series commenced in Lori and Aragatsotn regions and the forthcoming trainings will take place in Kotayk and Ararat regions.

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