Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Concept of the reforms necessary to restore the Republic of Armenia (Roadmap)

December 29, 2018

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Journalists’ Club "Asparez", Open Society Foundations - Armenia, Transparency International Anticorruption Center, Union of  Informed Citizens, Armenian Helsinki Committee and Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor presented the concept of the reforms necessary to restore the Republic of Armenia (roadmap).


The Group that developed this document considers that the challenges presented in the Concept require urgent and pressing solutions, and thus, the Group is ready to discuss them with the authorities and other stakeholders as soon as possible and find the most effective solutions for the sake of the Republic of Armenia. The Group that developed the concept considers its duty to make efforts for the regulation of this and other related issues for as long as necessary.   


The Group that developed this Concept announces that it has no expectation from the budgetary means of the Republic of Armenia in order to participate in the discussions of similar ideas and related work.


At the same time, we find it important to note that this concept does not claim to be indisputable or perfect. It touches upon reform paths of a number of, but not all the spheres in the country; descriptions, and ways of solutions to the problems presented therein may be amended and reviewed as a result of the change in the situation, as well as discussions with the possible interested citizens, parties, groups and authorities.


The Group that authored the Concept is to conduct wide public awareness on the developments related to this document.


The full concept is available HERE.

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