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Due to HCA Vanadzor support, the citizen managed to restore the right to property violated for 32 years on end

September 26, 2020

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74—year-old Eduard Azatyan has been a member of “Erebuni” horticultural company for more than 30 years according to the decisions made in 1988 by ASSR Council of Ministers and Executive Committee of Mashtots District Council in Yerevan. He was allocated No. 27 plot of land in the 7th area. 


For many times, the citizen had applied to the RA Real Estate Cadastre Committee to do a state registration. The village administration and the Cadastre Committee, however, used formal reasoning to suspend the proceeding of state registration of that plot of land by his name. As a result, for 32 years on end, Eduard Azatyan’s right to property had been violated.


Being aware of the activity of HCA Vanadzor, in 2019, Eduard Azatyan applied to Yerevan representation of the Organization in order to get support in the protection of his rights.


In HCA Vanadzor advocate Samson Galstyan’s words, the problem concerned articles of designated use of lands.


Due to the consistent efforts by HCA Vanadzor, the RA Real Estate Cadastre Committee gave a  non-contentious solution to the citizen’s problem by registering his right to own the land.


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