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Problems identified in detention places for more than 10 years on end still unresolved

March 9, 2022

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The new editing of internal regulations acting in the RA Police system since 2008 have been put for public discussion. 


Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor has repeatedly addressed regular violations of rights of those held in detention places. Regular violations were also recorded by the RA Human Rights Defender as a national preventive mechanism.


Though it is mentioned in the Draft justification that  its adoption is related to the necessity to make activity of detention places compliant with international standards and protect rights of persons held in detention places. Nonetheless, a number of issues identified back in 2006 are still unresolved.


Taking into account the international legislation and legal practice, HCA Vanadzor has developed 21 recommendations regarding the following spheres:


  1. medical examination of persons admitted to and held in detention places,

  2. search procedure,

  3. grounds and procedure for accepting detainees and arrestees to a place of detention,

  4. living conditions of detainees,

  5. accepting proposals, applications and complaints of persons held,

  6. peculiarities of conditions of holding women and juveniles in detention places,

  7.  outdoor walk of detainees,

  8.  visit of an advocate or a defender and a close relative,

  9. grounds and procedure for releasing detainees from detention places.


Click here to read the full package of recommendations (in Armenian).

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