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The Court recognized not legitimate the policemen’s actions of shooting a video in the police department during Gayane Arustamyan’s arrest

December 21, 2018

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On December 18, 2018, RA Administrative Court upheld Gayane Arustamyan’s claim against the RA Police on recognizing not legitimate the policemen’s actions of video shooting her.


The RA Administrative Court rendered a judgment after the RA Appeal Court’s decision dated April 18, 2018.


Gayane Arustamyan and her representative HCA Vanadzor Yerevan representation lawyer Tatevik Siradeghyan, presented an appeal complaint against RA Administrative Court’s decision dated March 14, 2017, by which the Administrative Court, based on the claim of the RA Police, fined G. Arustamyan by 30,000 AMD for offending a policeman. The Administrative Court turned down the counterclaim to recognize the policemen’s actions not legitimate.


The Appeal Court partly upheld the complaint and revoked the part of the decision of the Administrative Court dated March 14, 2017 pertaining to recognizing legitimate the policemen’s actions of video shooting Gayane Arustamyan without her consent.  


The Administrative Court recorded that there was no proof of G. Arustamyan’s video shooting in the case, while the Administrative Court had the opportunity of obtaining it and making a decision after examining it.


After the Appeal Court vacated, RA Administrative Court examined the case and recognized not legitimate the policemen’s actions of video shooting Gayane Arustamyan during her administrative arrest in the police department. The Police will also pay 4,000 AMD to the state budget as a state duty envisaged for the claim and postponed.

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