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Problems still recorded during organization of training gatherings

February 15, 2023

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On 2 February 2023, the RA Government’s decision N 122-N on “Announcing training gatherings and involving transport means of bodies with military transportation obligations in order to ensure their provision” entered into force. 


Both before this decision entered into force and currently, HCA Vanadzor has been receiving alerts from the RA citizens registered in the reserve regarding shortcomings in the organization and implementation of this process.


They alert that the RA MoD Conscription and Mobilization Service territorial subdivisions provide citizens with the notification on joining the training gathering without subjecting them to the necessary compulsory medical examination.


Noteworthy, according to the RA Government’s decision 405-N on “Abolishing the procedures of citizens’ health state check-up and medical expert examination, procedure of referring citizens to check-up and medical expert examination, the procedure of activity of the bodies conducting check-ups and medical examination, forms of conclusions of expert examinations, the list of medical examinations and medical institutions, the procedure of remuneration for the service rendered, and a number of decisions of the Republic of Armenia”, when engaging citizens in reserve preparation activities, the  Medical Commission of the RA military commissariats implement military medical expert examination of persons subject to military service, who are registered or are being registered in the reserve, as instructed by the military commissar. 


Citizens alert that they are subjected to incomplete medical examinations in territorial subdivisions of the Medical Commission of the RA military commissariats, and when citizens complain, they urge them to present the results of medical examinations conducted at their own expense.


Thus, HCAV again stresses the importance and necessity of the activities implemented when training the reserve, including proper implementation of medical examinations of citizens registered in the reserve.


The RA Ministry of Defance should realize that guaranteeing respect for human rights and dignity  is a precondition for effective organization of training gatherings, and formation of public trust in it.


If you have questions about the process or your rights were violated and you need legal advice, contact us at

093 111 615 (Nazeli Movsesyan )

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