Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Civil Society Demands Snap Parliamentary Elections

February 9, 2021

Joint | Announcements

On February 7, 2021 the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with the lawmakers representing the “My Step” faction. After the meeting, the faction issued a statement stating that the proposal to hold snap parliamentary elections did not receive a positive response from the parliamentary opposition and there is no such a demand from public.


The statement that there is no demand for snap elections among the public is as manipulative as the statement of the parliamentary and non-parliamentary opposition that the elections organized by the current government will definitely be rigged in their favor.


A great number of civil society rand political representatives have stated that they see snap elections as the only way to overcome the current crisis of confidence.


In the current situation, the refusal to hold snap elections suggests that the parliamentary majority is in fact motivated by its narrow party interests and is thus manipulating the idea of public demand, not really wanting to learn it or take it into account. Clinging to the mandate and privileges, with the irresponsibility of preferring the party interests to the public ones, it does not differ in any way from the previous authorities that had been rejected as a result of the people's revolution in 2018.


It should be noted that the lack of massive public support for the protests organized by some political circles since November 10, 2020 is due to two main factors:


1. the threat to restore the former undemocratic and corrupt system;


2. the hope that the political majority, nevertheless, will realize the seriousness of the moment, will organize snap, competitive elections in order to form a government by the will of the people in light of the new reality.


After the war systemic changes aimed at the democratic restoration of our country cannot be guaranteed without authorities that have public trust. The majority of the public does not have any confidence that the current authorities are able not only to withstand the new internal and external challenges caused by the war, but also to provide guarantees for the peaceful development of Armenia.


Reaffirming the need for snap elections, we, the undersigned representatives of civil society, demand from the "My Step" faction to realize its responsibility to the citizens and the state and to put snap elections to the political agenda of 2021 providing a comprehensive and clear schedule for electoral and related legislation reform, preparing electoral commissions and the judiciary to meet minimum requirements for electoral legislation.


Transparency International anticorruption center

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor

“Asparez” Journalists’ Club 

LDP Foundation

Centre for Community Mobilization and Support

Union of Informed Citizens

Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition

Spitak Helsinki Group

Peace Dialogue NGO

Pink Armenia

Sona Manusyan

Protection of Rights without Borders

For Equal Rights NGO

Women’s Rights House

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