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A corruption prevention module to be included in the Academy of Justice educational program upon the recommendation of HCA Vanadzor

September 27, 2022

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Based on the recommendation of HCA Vanadzor, the Commission of Training of the General Assembly of Judges  presented the topics of “Judicial ethics and conduct rules”, “Judicial impartiality and independence”, “Conflict of interests and prevention of corruption” to the Academy of Justice to be included in 2023 educational programs.


HCA Vanadzor  presented this recommendation in the frame of the project “Implementation of anti-corruption treaties and standards” to implement the special policy presented by GRECO, aiming to prevent improper influences on judges, their conflict of interests, and corruption in the judiciary.


To promote implementation of this recommendation, HCA Vanadzor also developed draft addenda to the RA Law on Academy of Justice. Moreover, before developing the educational program on “judicial ethics and conduct, judicial impartiality and independence, prevention of conflict of interests and corruption”, HCAV representatives had working meetings with representatives of the RA Academy of Justice, Commission of Trainings of the General Assembly of Judges, RA Supreme Judicial Council, RA Corruption Prevention Commission, and heard their opinions, presented the activities to be implemented. 


By their letter of 14 September 2022, the Commission of Training of the General Assembly of Judges informed us that the above-mentioned topics had been presented to the Academy of Justice to be included in the educational program of 2023.

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