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89-year-old resident from Yeghegnut village alarms about the illegalities by the former head of the village

December 29, 2019

Project։ Stability of HCA Vanadzor in the light of democracy and human rights challenges in the Republic of Armenia 2019 | Multimedia

Lentrush Kostanyan , an 89-year-old resident of Yeghegnut village, applied to HCA Vanadzor and presented a number of reports on crimes. 


The elderly resident presents data regarding the illegalities done by Misha Hovhannisyan, former head of the village, in particular, the disappearance of 24 million drams which was envisaged for the construction of drinking water system of the village. The mentioned money disappeared, yet the village still has not solved the problem of normal water. Besides, the head of the village registered his brother as a worker in the water system and the latter received his salary from the community budget for doing nothing. The headmaster, too, made abuses, registered a few security workers who, according to Lentrush, never even opened the door of the school. Money was embezzled in the village for years on end and law enforcement bodies ignored it. He has doubts that the head of the village could not have done those abuses alone, but rather with the knowledge and sponsorship of the former governor and head of the police. The village is currently governed by a new head. 


Kostanyan also told HCA Vanadzor about illegalities of the police, which made him vote for Robert Kocharyan years before.  


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