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Problems Recorded in the Sphere of the Protection of Labor Rights and Proposals on Their Solutions

June 24, 2020

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Back in 2019, HCA Vanadzor recorded a number of problems in the sphere of the protection of labor rights, such as manifestations of discrimination by the employer or other employees at the workplace; ungrounded dismissals; application of ungrounded disciplinary penalties; incorrect calculation of salary by the employer; not making the final settlement; not notifying the employee, in accordance with the established procedure, before terminating the employment contract; not compensating for the damage caused to the employee’s health.


The problems recorded in the sphere of labor rights protection allow stating that such violations in the RA are of continuous and systemic nature. These problems are attributed to the non-compliance of national legislation provisions with the requirements of international obligations undertaken by the RA, the existence of provisions that give rise to misinterpretation in the national legislation, as well as the lack of sufficient legal mechanisms ensuring protection of labor rights.


Below we present proposals by HCA Vanadzor that were developed based on international documents, national legislation, reports of local and international organizations, as well as problems discovered in the frame of judicial and extra-judicial cases conducted by the Organization.


Problems Recorded in the Sphere of the Protection of Labor Rights and Proposals on Their Solutions



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