Helsinki Citizens' Assembly-Vanadzor

Recommendations on making amendments to the RA Law on State Duty and RA Civil Procedure Code

June 30, 2021

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Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor presented a recommendation to the RA Ministry of Justice on establishing an additional concession/privilege in the RA Law “On State Duty” and making an amendment to Article 270.1 of the RA Civil Procedure Code.


Below we present the summary recommendation.



  1. To establish a privilege/concession also for convicts in Articles 24 and 25 of the RA Law “On State Duty”, i.e. in bodies carrying out notary activities and in bodies exercising registration of civil status acts respectively.

  2. To establish a privilege in Article 22 of the Law to exempt natural persons or their representatives from state duties necessary for appeals or appeals in cassation in order to ensure proper exercise of their right to appeal final judicial acts on recognizing a person incapacitated, or subjecting a person to involuntary hospitalization and involuntary examination and/or treatment.

  3. To enshrine, in Article 270.1 part 1 of the RA Civil Procedure Code, the right of the citizen, his/her family members to appeal to court claiming to overturn the ruling on psychiatric involuntary treatment in hospital.


The full recommendation is available HERE (in Armenian)

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