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Attempts to discredit the EU observation mission aim to maintain Russia’s colonial approaches to Armenia

February 22, 2023

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The EU observation mission is one of the important institutions aimed at preventing border tension and deterring possible Azerbaijani aggressions. And in fact, it will be one of the important constituent parts of Armenia's security architecture, which will operate exclusively on the basis of the principles of international law. And it is the most important international presence in terms of solving security problems. Considering the experience of the EU observation mission on the border and dividing line of Russia and Georgia, I can confidently say that it will indeed be effective. In other words, the effectiveness is evidenced by experience. 


After Russia's aggression against Ukraine, there was some concern that the situation might intensify or some tension might arise on the Georgian-Russian border as well. But the very fact of the long-term observation mission and presence of the European Union prevented those hotbeds of tension. Observers of the European Union do not just observe, but also use the method of dialogue in case of any possible problems. And, a preventive method of solving possible problems is formed, which gives an opportunity to prevent possible tensions caused by these problems.


Full article in Armenian HERE

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