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October 1 is the International Day of Older Persons.

October 1, 2022

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The need to change approaches towards issues of older persons remains persistent.


The United Nations General Assembly designated October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons. Just like in the whole world, the international day of older persons is yet another occasion to draw attention to the rights of the elderly in Armenia. 


Pursuing its adopted principles, HCA Vanadzor has been monitoring the state policy in protecting the rights of older persons for years on end. HCA Vanadzor is involved in the Group of monitoring care institutions, and visits the houses of the elderly to assess the situation of the rights of older persons.


Recently, HCA Vanadzor has presented its evaluation of the 2017-2021 Action Plan of the Strategy of Overcoming Consequences of Ageing and Social Protection of the Elderly. This is our second evaluation of the policy of the rights of the elderly. 


Our studies show that the activities aimed at protection of the rights of the elderly are mainly not targeted. Over 5 years, only 5 out of the planned 24 measures were implemented, 11 activities were not implemented at all.


Noteworthy, the need to change approaches to the problems of the elderly persists. There are still unresolved issues related to proper cooperation between the agencies, proper collection of information, monitoring, lack of accountability, the issue of capacity building for the elderly to withstand the fast-changing world. 


To ensure successful implementation of the policy aimed at overcoming the consequences of ageing and ensuring dignified ageing, it is necessary


  • To ensure cooperation between the responsible agencies;

  • To ensure proper collection and transfer of the sphere-related information;

  • To ensure proper oversight of measures and policies, i.e., their monitoring, regular assessment and raising public awareness about the results;

  • To take into account international standards, studies and strategic directions of international organizations when developing sphere-related policy;

  • To pay more attention to ensuring access to health services, and prevention of potential health problems;

  • To ensure equal opportunities for older persons, taking into account everyone’s particular needs and requirements;

  • To ensure moder long-term care mechanisms in compliance with international standards;


To use a sensitive, non-stigmatizing lexicon.

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