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The situation of human rights in the context of Police reforms

February 12, 2024

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On February 9, public discussion “The situation of human rights in the context of Police reforms” was held. Click to watch full video recording of the public discussion. Below is the list of speakers:


Nushik Ter-Movsisyan, advocate at Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor 

Nina Karapetyants, Chairperson of Helsinki Association NGO

Araks Melkonyan, Chairperson of Protection of Rights without Borders NGO

Tatevik Khachatryan, Senior Project Manager at Democracy Development Foundation 

Daniel Ioanisyan, Program Coordinator at Union of Informed Citizens

Hasmik Paytyan, Communications and Project Coordinator at Public Journalism Club

Natali Sahakyan, Head of the RA MIA Public Security Safeguard and Policy Development and Monitoring Unit of the Department of Strategic Planning, Policy Development and Monitoring,  had also confirmed her participation in the discussion. However, the night before the discussion, the MIA addressed a letter canceling their participation. 


”Several policemen, who had participated in a case of torture, were promoted”, HCAV advocate Nushik Ter-Movsisyan.

“They burnt the skin around the nose with a cigarette, and then also used violence against me”,  advocate Karen Alaverdyan.

”A machine-gunner or a shooter are brought to serve during a peaceful assembly in Yerevan center. This is a problem”, Daniel Ioannisyan.

”The acting authorities came and buried all cases initiated on account of violence”, Nina Karapetyants.

”There is a serious increase in human rights violations in the context of peaceful assemblies”, Araks Melkonyan. 

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