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INTERNATIONAL ELECTION OBSERVATION MISSION Republic of Armenia – Early Parliamentary Elections, 9 December 2018. PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS

December 12, 2018

Library | Electoral Process | Right to Vote and to Participate in a Referendum | Civilian Oversight and Monitoring

The 9 December early parliamentary elections were held with respect for fundamental freedoms and
enjoyed broad public trust that needs to be preserved through further electoral reforms. Open political
debate, including in the media, contributed to a vibrant campaign, although cases of inflammatory
rhetoric online were of concern.

The general absence of electoral malfeasance, including of votebuying
and pressure on voters, allowed for genuine competition. The integrity of campaign finance was
undermined by a lack of regulation, accountability and transparency. Despite the shortened timeframe,
the elections were well administered. Election day proceeded calmly and peacefully with all stages
assessed positively by almost all IEOM observers, indicating general adherence to the procedures.

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