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Statement regarding violations made during the drill call-up in the Republic of Armenia

October 5, 2022

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On 26 September 2022, the Republic of Armenia made a Decree on “Declaring a drill call-up and engaging transport means of bodies with military transport obligations to ensure the drill call-up”, which entered into force the next day. 


After the aforementioned decree was issued, persons registered in the reserve have been applying to HCAV, stating that



  • the notice on being involved in the drill call-up is provided for being drafted on the same day,

  • persons registered in the reserve do not undergo medical check-ups and expert examination as prescribed by law,

  • subdivisions of the RA MoD Conscription and Mobilization Service do not have the documents submitted  by the citizens previously regarding their health state,

  • the family status of persons registered in the reserve is not taken into account, and it is also not enshrined by law.


While, based on part 6 of Article 59 of the RA Law on “Military service and the status of a serviceman”, on 18.10.2018 the RA Government made decree N 1174-ն “On establishing the procedure of events implemented within the framework of training of the reserve”, which establishes the following,


  1. According to the annual plan for conducting drill call-ups, the Military Commissariat of the Republic of Armenia, at least a month before conducting the relevant drill call-up, gives instructions to territorial military commissariats, based on which reservists are drafted for drill call-ups. Reservists enlisted (predetermined) in military units, and those with the relevant military occupational specialty among those not enlisted in military units are drafted for drill call-ups.  

  1. Reservists chosen as candidates to be trained in drill call-up shall be notified at least 20 calendar days before the drill call-up in order to check military registration data and undergo a medical examination. Reservists can be drafted for drill call-ups no sooner than one year after being released from military service.

  2. The reservist who appears in the military commissariat based on the notice undergoes a medical examination, and in case he is recognized fit to be drafted for a drill call-up based on the examination results, he is referred to the military unit where the drill call-up is to take place, with the means and resources of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.  


Article 17 of the RA Law on “Military Service and Status of a Serviceman” establishes, “1.When doing military enlistment of citizens, during compulsory military call-up, including mobilization call-up, involving servicemen in contractual military service, and drill call-up, servicemen undergo a check-up of their health state and a medical expert examination. In cases mentioned in this section, citizens’ check-up, expert examination and treatment is implemented as a priority and free of charge in the frame of state-provided medical assistance and service”.


Before the last decree, the decree on “Declaring a drill call-up and engaging transport means of bodies with military transport obligations to ensure the drill call-up” was made on 23 June 2022, and entered into force the next day.

Later, on 24 August 2022, the decree on “Declaring a drill call-up” was issued and entered into force the next day.

HCAV finds it necessary that


-notices be delivered to citizens within the terms set by law,

-medical check-ups and expert examination of persons enlisted in the reserve be provided before making a decision to involve them in drill call-ups,

-the law establish the scope of persons not subject to drill call-up taking into account, in particular,


  • family conditions (in case of drafting parents to undergage child/children, in case of drafting more than one person from the same family, in case of being the sole breadwinner of the family, in case of having a parent/parents with disabilities, etc., as prescribed in case of compulsory-term military service call-up),

  • clarify legislative regulations related to persons subject to enlistment.


In case of questions about the process, or if your rights have been violated and you need legal advice, you can contact us at:


Armine Sadikyan 


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