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Conscripts have to reach military commissariats by taxi, which is expensive. Alarm

May 14, 2020

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HCA Vanadzor received an alarm from a conscript’s relative. In the state of emergency, the conscript, who lives in a residence place near Yerevan, has to make use of taxi with his own funds in order to reach the military commissariat in Yerevan, where he is registered.


He has to appear in the military commissariat, but he cannot pay for taxi services. The alarming person informed that only one-way taxi ride costs 3,000-4,000 AMD, and if we add referrals to other medical institutions, it appears that a conscript has to pay a great amount of money to undergo medical examination. 


Earlier, we also informed that we had received alarms that rules established for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus were not kept in Abovyan military commissariat. 


If your rights are violated during the call-up, apply to HCA Vanadzor at the following contacts.


✅Issues related to the rights of conscripts and servicemen

Armine Sadikyan

☎️093339441 (also viber)



HCA Vanadzor continues to provide legal consultation remotely. To get a legal consultation remotely, you can contact the Organization at the following contacts.

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