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Summary observations on 2022 local elections per community

October 9, 2022

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Azerbaijani aggression of 13-14 September 2022 had a crucial impact on the pre-election stage of September 25 elections in all the communities. The forces competing during those days made statements or simply terminated their planned campaign activities, after which they changed the logic of the campaign, focusing on the consequences of the aggression, visiting the frontline or displaced families, collecting various means, etc. Instead of campaign gatherings, candidates were attending funerals or organizing communication in a  more close format. 


Long-term observation results were summed up before the voting, outlining the main campaign directions, presenting violations and abuse through generalized data. In this report, we try to observe community elections as a separate subject of study, by presenting the processes taking place during the pre-election stage, on the voting day, as well as the results. 


Within the framework of those local elections, current community heads were nominated in 15 communities (Head of Akhtala community was nominated in Alaverdi), and temporary heads of communities were nominated in 3 communities. In all the communities, acting community heads received the most votes irrespective of their political affiliation. The latest local elections also evidence that community authorities change only in case the acting head of the community does not nominate his/her candidacy.  Moreover, it is evident that there is a plethora of cases of community and regional authorities covertly or overtly abusing administrative resources, while they manifest the same style of guaranteeing the electorate during the campaign stage that the same actors often used to ensure the victory of certain parties of local and republican elections before 2018.   


Below is summary information regarding those community heads and the forces nominating them. While the mentioned forces received the most votes in Alaverdi, Byureghavan, Ani, and Sisian communities, they did not receive 50% and more mandates. Accordingly, the Council of the Elders shall choose heads of those communities.


Summary observations HERE



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