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“Independent Observer”. RA Parliamentary Elections April 2, 2017 Final Report

July 19, 2017

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Yerevan City Council Elections were held on May 14th, 2017.


“Independent Observer” Public Alliance represented by Helsinki Citizens Assembly – Vanadzor and Union of Informed Citizens, observed Yerevan City Council elections within “Enhancing capacities of domestic observer organizations” component of “Long-term Electoral Assistance to Election related Stakeholders of Armenia” Project by the European Union and Council of Europe. Observers accredited from Goris Press Club also participated in the observation.


The report summarizes the results of the observation conducted in 60 polling stations and 10 Territorial election Commissions. The presentation of the working version of the report was held on June 13th and the report was revised based on the comments and recommendations heard during the presentation.


The full report see HERE


“Independent Observer” Public Alliance believes that the Yerevan City Council Elections of May 14, 2017 were held in a blatant violation of the essential principles of democratic elections.


Reaffirming the recommendation presented in the report on RA National Assembly elections and in addition to them, “Independent Observer” Alliance recommends the following:


Legally stipulate the reasonable volume of credible information on electoral violations, electoral fraud, and particularly distribution of electoral bribe  and abuse of administrative resources for cancelling the registration of a candidate (including a party) or the election results Decide on the final results of the elections after allowing reasonable time for adequate investigation of reports about electoral fraud and electoral violations Amend the Electoral Code to stipulate the specifics of processing urgent matters, to set up a hotline and to allow sending applications and complaints to the commissions electronically.


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