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‟When you go to the army aware of your rights, you feel more protected”. HCA Vanadzor continues the campaign of legal awareness among conscripts and servicemen.

December 2, 2019

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Arman Mkrtchyan was released from the army in 2018. He claims that in comparison with 2016, when he joined the army, quite a lot of changes had taken place in the legislation of that sphere. The fact that conscripts have an opportunity to take part in trainings and get informed about their own rights is very important for conscripts themselves, so that they have right relations with their superiors in the army and speak up about their rights, if necessary. ‟When you go to the army aware of your rights, you feel more protected than if you weren’t aware. It would be great, if there had been such trainings in 2016, too”.


 On November 22, 2019, Arman participated in the training on awareness of rights conducted for persons subject to military enlistment in the RA, conscripts, servicemen and their family members. The initiator of the training is Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor. Arman learnt about the training from his friends and despite being released from the military service, he wanted to participate in it. He says he is going to transfer this information to his acquaintances and friends who are to join the army now.  


‟The training was very important in our region. Before this, I can’t recall such a training in Yeghegnadzor, especially given the fact that they take place before autumn and winter call-ups. As it turned out during the training, the majority of conscripts’ parents had a very superficial knowledge about the call-up, conscripts’ rights and obligations”, says Vazgen Galstyan. 


Vazgen is from Malishka village of Yeghegnadzor region. He is a student at Yeghegnadzor Regional State College. He attended the training held on November 23 in Vayots Dzor regional center Yeghegnadzor to familiarize with the right to deferral and legislation on conscription in general. He got exhaustive answers to his questions. He also underscores the interactive and informative format of the training organization, ‟The training was very comprehensive. The lawyer gave detailed and specific answers on the spot. The way how thematic videos on enlistment, conscription age, notification ways, as well as medical examination procedure were shown in a multimedia format was also well-thought. In my opinion, audiovisual materials, as well as information papers, were more impactful and illustrative. If necessary, we can read them again, revise the material and be informed”.


A total of 45 participants, including persons from nearby village communities, attended the trainings conducted in the two cities. During the time period preceding winter call-up, i.e. October-December 2019, Armine Sadikyan, Coordinator of Peace-building Projects of HCA Vanadzor, and Hayk Hakobyan, one of the lawyers of the Organization, will also conduct a series of legal awareness trainings in Aragatsotn, Shirak and Kotayk regions. The series of the trainings aim at raising conscripts’ and servicemen’s level of legal awareness. Additional information will be given regarding the timeframe of the trainings. 


To take part in the trainings, get legal support and legal consultation, it is necessary to register beforehand by sending an email to or call 0322 4 22 68, 094 042268. Transportation costs shall be reimbursed. 


Photos are available HERE.

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