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In the case against the protester, the Police petitioned to interrogate the policeman who arrested him

October 25, 2018

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On October 24, 2018, after upholding protester Vahram Petrosyan’s appeal complaint, the RA Administrative Court continued examining the RA Police claim against him.  


In their claim submitted to the Administrative Court, the RA Police demanded to hold Vahram Petosyan – a participant of the assembly that took place on Baghramyan street in Yerevan on September 1, 2015 – liable for not doing the legal demand of the Police.


On September 28, 2016, the RA Administrative Court presided by Judge Karen Zarikyan, upheld the claim of the Police and fined the protester by 50,000 AMD.


On November 2, 2017, after appealing the decision in the Appeal Court, a decision was made on referring the case to new examination.


Yesterday, during the court session, Vahram Petrosyan verbally authorized HCA Vanadzor’s Yerevan representation lawyers Emma Shahinyan and Mariam Karapetyan as his representatives.


The sides expressed their positions, after which the representative of the plaintiff RA Police petitioned to involve Artak Kostanyan – the policeman who arrested Vahram Petrosyan – as a witness.


On this basis, the court session was postponed and scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on February 5, 2019.


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