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Report on findings of the study of the RA Police procurement process

March 13, 2024

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The study of the Police procurement process and the report prepared based on the study findings aim to present corruption risks in the RA Police procurements and procurement processes in the context of the RA Police reforms. The main motive for the study was concerns among society regarding purposeful, effective and efficient use of state financial resources in the context of  purchases for implementation of the Police Reforms Strategy and its 2020-2022 Action Plan approved by the RA Government’s Decree N 638-L of 23 April 2020, two years after the uprising involving broad sections of society in 2018. 


The study addresses procurement planning, choice of procurement procedures, procurement implementation, publicity and accessibility of procurement documents, appeal procedure and external oversight of procurement processes. Findings of the study are summed up below. For details and concrete examples see the relevant sections of the report.    



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