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The RA Prime Minister executed the RA Administrative Court ruling

December 6, 2023

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On 6 December 2023, according to the RA Prime Minister’s decision issued based on the Administrative Court ruling N AC/9814/05/2,  Nane Asatryan was reinstated in the position of Vayots Dzor Deputy Governor.


In July 2021, Vayots Dzor Deputy Governor Nane Asatryan was dismissed. At that point Nane Asatryan was 7 months into pregnancy. 


N. Asatryan applied to HCA Vanadzor requesting to protect her rights. In the frame of Decent Work Now project, HCA Vanadzor, represented by Tiruhi Vardanyan, undertook to protect Asatryan’s rights and applied to the RA Administrative Court, as working women’s right to maternity protection and labor rights safeguarded under international agreements and the RA domestic legislation were violated


The application was rejected by judgment of the RA Administrative Court on 03.03.2022. The judgment was appealed, and the appeal was upheld by the RA Administrative Court of Appeal judgment of 03.03.2023. The Administrative Court of Appeal ruled to reinstate Nane Asatryan in her position and pay the amount of salary subject to be paid for the period of idleness


The importance of this case lies not only in the restoration of N. Asatryan’s violated labor right, but also the fact that the RA Prime Minister executed the decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal. This is indeed a rare case throughout the history of the RA independence, when the Government head implements a court ruling.  


Below you can find links to publications on HCAV work aimed at protecting Nane Asatryan’s rights:


  • Former Deputy Governor dismissed during her pregnancy is fighting for her rights

  • The Appeal Court made a decision on reinstatement of Nane Asatryan in the position of Deputy Governor of Vayots Dzor and payment of the salary subject to be paid for the period of idleness

  • 2-year-long court case aimed at restoring violated labor rights of Vayots Dzor Deputy Governor Nane Asatryan was completed successfully

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