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HCA Vanadzor presented legal analysis and recommendations on the RA Police reform

October 21, 2019

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Back in April 2019, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor sent the ″Project of monitoring and legal comparative analysis of the regulatory field of the RA Police organization and activity″ to the RA Police, RA Ministry of Justice, RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security, as well as RA NA Standing Committee on Legal and State Affairs, and State and Legal Affairs Department of the Staff of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia to receive observations.


HCA Vanadzor prepared this project with the involvement of expert Davit Khachaturyan. The aim of the project is to discover, from the perspective of international obligations undertaken by the Republic of Armenia, the RA mechanisms of public and state control/oversight over police organization and activity enshrined in legislation, as well as firmly established judicial and administrative practice. The report includes analysis and a package of legislative recommendations developed as a result of the analysis. 


On May 17, 2019, Head of the RA Police Headquarters A. Ghukasyan responded to HCA Vanadzor report. On behalf of the RA Police, he expressed gratitude for the deep and comprehensive analysis and willingness to organize a joint discussion aimed at implementing the presented recommendations.  No response has been received from the other structures. 


The RA Police gave no response to the further actions of HCA Vanadzor to organize the discussion. As a result of a phone conversation with the relevant responsible employees, it turned out that in order to organize the discussion, it was necessary to apply, once more, to the RA Police Head in writing. The RA Police gave no response to HCA Vanadzor letter, dated May 30, 2019, on organizing the discussion and receiving RA Police written observations.


Not receiving the responses expected from state structures, we are publishing the report without their positions. 


In July 2019, RA Police put into circulation the RA Police development concept and draft decision of the RA Government to approve it.  


HCA Vanadzor also presents their opinion on the concept. In certain directions, HCA Vanadzor gives a positive assessment to the concept, however, the Organization also recommends involving in the concept a number of directions on important issues.


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